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5 Lead Generation Tips on Growing Your LinkedIn Network

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LinkedIn is a social media platform that every business or singular professional must-have. And yet, it is still relatively foreign to most users. We know how to sell our brand, but just how do we generate the leads we need via the network? So first, we need to understand just how big of an influence the platform has.

LinkedIn is the number one social media site for accessing influential people, like-minded specialists and, most importantly, desired clients. There are approximately 810 million users across 200 countries and regions worldwide!

If you’re not using the platform to target your target audience, you’re missing out on a massive pool of potential business partnerships. But worry not; we’ve got the inside scoop on utilizing all that LinkedIn offers to the best of your ability, ensuring those leads come pouring in and your network doubles and improves your lead generation strategy.

Tip #1 Make your profile stand out

Without a complete, optimized profile, the audience you’re targeting, and potential clients you seek won’t fully understand what you do or precisely what you can offer them. Ensuring your LinkedIn profile is completely up-to-date, looks professional and reflects all your expertise and experience is vital. Here\’s how to make your profile pop:

  1. Use your brand logo or company head as your profile image.
  2. Include an attention-grabbing banner image.
  3. Angle your \’about\’ section to the needs of prospective clients (what can you offer them that others can\’t?) Sell yourself!
  4. Optimize all of your copy for SEO, ensuring relevant keywords clients may be searching are present.
  5. Showcase your industry experience, unique offerings, skills and awards or achievements.

Tip #2 Connect, connect, connect!

Growing your network is only possible if you reach out to the right people at the right time. So do some research about which of your target audience is present on LinkedIn. Then send out those connection requests! Then, not only will you have immediate access to competitor content, but you\’ll also have your desired database on tap. Here\’s how to start:

  1. Look through the suggested contacts LinkedIn will provide, and begin with those! Chances are they\’re 50% of the people you want to reach or are mutual connections with the network you seek.
  2. Stay consistent, sending no less than four requests a day.

Tip #3 Send direct messages & engage with connections for better Lead Generation

We cannot stress enough how important it is to remain active on LinkedIn. What is the point if you’re not engaging with your connections? Right? One prime way to reach the people you seek is to send out direct messages introducing yourself or offering your services.

  1. If you already know the connection you\’re messaging, you could start by presenting them with a campaign idea on how they can grow their business further.
  2. If you don’t know the connection and want to form a relationship, simply reach out with a short, punchy introduction to your company and offer – again, sell yourself.
  3. Always include a website or contact (aside from LinkedIn) that they can reach you on to further your connection

Tip #4 Post regularly & keep your feed interesting

Being active in connecting with your network via messages is simply not enough to keep eyes on your brand. Adding extra value is vital and offers a great way to promote your unique services further. Keep things interesting by:

  1. Sharing links to exciting podcasts or articles you and your target audience will relate to.
  2. Curating and posting informative blogs that shed insight on applicable themes and services.
  3. Offer unique insight and insider knowledge to your network, showcasing how much value your company has to add to the industry.

Tip #5 Become a part of your community

Connecting and interacting with like-minded individuals and businesses is key to broadening your insight into the industry. Making your presence known to critical players in the sphere. Becoming a part of your community is a great way to grow your LinkedIn network and your client base! Here\’s how to do it:

  1. Join groups where your clients will be. LinkedIn allows you to join up to 100 groups. Still, it distils those you want to be a part of by searching for keywords related to your target audience and unique business offering – an easy way of finding \”your people\”!
  2. Become a part of discussion boards and comment sections focused on your niche. This is an excellent opportunity to connect with similar minds in real-time.
  3. Celebrate the successes of your clients and partners, praising their achievements and showing those that matter that you\’re \”in their corner\”.

We understand how overwhelming such a large platform can be for companies looking to expand their network, but by following these five simple steps, you\’ll be on the road to success in no time! The future is now, and staying in the know and active on social media is a great way to reach prospective clients and business partners. So, are you ready to get LinkedIn and lead generating?

SSC: A Leading Lead Generation Company

Effective lead generation remains a core component of any B2B organization’s success and viability. This multifaceted and complex aspect of your marketing strategy requires you to engage experts who can deliver results.

As a company that lives and breathes lead generation, SSC does not leave anything to chance or guesswork. We measure every component of our outreach, from subject line to message content to the optimal time of day to approach your prospects.

With the data dictating our process from strategy to conversion and beyond, our SSC team will ensure your business starts this important journey on a sound footing, guaranteeing a lead generation process that is effective, credible, authentic, and transparent.

SSC can make explosive growth your reality today, from generating a higher ROI and reducing your cost per sale to developing your ideal customer profile (ICP) to driving conversions. So get in touch right away and let our knowledgeable team assist you in learning more about the SSC service suite so you can make sure no lead goes unnoticed and no opportunity is missed.

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