5 Qualities to Look for in a Lead Generation Company

While a common refrain in any sales or marketing department is a ‘lack of leads,’ that issue is easily resolved by engaging a lead generation company. But choosing the right lead gen partner is more complicated. To supercharge your sales pipeline you need qualified leads that will increase close rates. These are five key qualities to look for in a credible lead generation company:

These quality indicators will mean the difference between adequate service and an outstanding solution to your lead generation needs.

lead generation company
Grow your sales pipeline by partnering with a lead generation company.

Quality #1 – Performs Extensive Market Research and Audience Segmentation

“Lead generation starts by learning where your target market lives and understanding what they are thinking.”

With over nine years of experience offering a proven outsourced lead generation service, this is the essence of what we at SSC believe lead generation to be all about. We further hold firm in the belief that any good lead generation strategy starts by applying the brakes. What? Yes. Just stop! Stop to consider who your customer is. Put yourself in your customer's shoes and start to gain insight into their thought patterns, their behaviors, their movements. Only when you have a solid grasp of the persona of your customer will you be able to effectively customize your sales cycle to fit your customer’s needs (not yours).

An experienced and dynamic lead generation company always has a solid market research strategy. At SSC, we fully comprehend the importance of not only knowing your customer but also how to translate that data into credible leads that will result in sales conversions.

By leveraging human research and intelligence, cutting-edge tools, and leading analytics and strategy into our methodology, SSC is able to fluidly scale and grow your business by:

  • Defining your prospects which in turn will guide you on where to focus your attention when developing marketing campaigns and calls-to-action.
  • Determining your customers' buying cycles and communicating a strategy to align the buying process with their needs. The result: Increased conversion rates, shorter buying cycles, and an improvement in customer satisfaction and retention.
  • Effectively strategizing and identifying the best ways to reach your prospective customers at different buying stages.
  • Refining your marketing messages to gain enhanced results through the use of cleverly crafted content aimed specifically at increasing your lead generation and conversion rate.
  • Looking beyond your current customer leads and leverage existing customers for referrals as part of the strategy to grow your business.

SSC can build customized target audiences to meet your ideal customer profile by effectively combining four different types of list-building data. First we combine Demographic Data (such as confirmed employment, roles, designations, and validated emails) with Firmographic Data (including trigger-event signals such as recent fundings, mergers, or acquisitions). Then we also consider Technographic Data (including web tech stack and technology installed on-site) as well as Psychographic Data (which entails a deep search into social media, professional interests, career trajectory, or other relevant behaviors). The end result is a highly customized and detailed lead generation strategy for your organization.

Lead generation is one of the most important parts of the buyers’ funnel and if not done right, you might end up wasting your marketing budget without getting the conversions you need.

Quality #2 – Uses Data to Drive Effective Lead Generation Strategy

Data-driven marketing is always top of mind, but it can be tricky to actually execute. For B2B organizations, 68% of them consider this their top priority and 59% say data quality is the hardest part of lead generation, according to a LinkedIn report on B2B lead generation.

Using data to drive your lead-generating strategy is thus a key consideration for any B2B organization today, but by no means an easy task. Partnering with a professional outfit such as SSC will allow you to leverage our unique combination of cutting-edge tools and extensively trained human curators to help you build customized target audiences in sync with your ICP (ideal customer profile).

Once your ICP has been identified and customized lists created, it’s important to monitor and measure every step of your funnel. From subject line open rates and reply rates to conversion rates and close rates: tracking and analyzing these metrics is key to success. The smart lead generation company will continually review and assess the data analytics to zero in on any challenges, test and identify solutions, and optimize your campaign accordingly.

“We don’t leave anything to chance or guesswork; the data dictates our process and strategy. We are aggressive A/B testers and measure every component of our outreach from subject line to message content to the optimal time of day to approach your prospects.” Shira Simmonds, CEO, SSC

If you are not systematically and continually analyzing the data, and refining your strategy to match your findings, you are going to start missing lead generated opportunities. “We provide key data and insights to test our hypotheses for the methodologies yielding the best open rates, response, engagement, and qualified appointments,” adds Simmons. After all, your lead generation company isn’t there to simply generate calls…the goal is to generate sales.

lead generation strategy
Data-driven strategy is the only effective way to attract qualified leads.

Quality #3 – Combines Cutting Edge Technology with Expert Human Insights

While advances in technology have enabled a smarter approach to lead generation, it’s important to remember the human aspect. A lead gen company that puts too much emphasis on one or the other will ultimately miss the mark. It’s key to have a lead gen expert at the dashboard who can properly drive the machine and interpret the results.

At SSC we invest heavily in proprietary technology development, always striving for the latest and greatest tools for data mining and analysis. However, we couple this heavy emphasis on tech with a team of experienced lead gen strategists who ensure every campaign is properly managed and fine-tuned as needed.

One key element of lead generation is utilizing automation wherever possible to streamline processes and find efficiencies. At SSC, we implement carefully designed workflows to automate everything from cold email outreach and autoresponders to lead scoring and qualification.

By partnering with an expert lead generation company such as SSC, you are assured that automation is integrated into all applicable aspects of your strategy but our expert teams will carefully track your campaign’s performance, revising and correcting course to deliver better results.

Quality #4 – Provides Turnkey and Cover-to-Cover Service

Credibility within marketing campaigns is critical. With the tsunami of information available online, and with the number of companies advertising services and products across the board, savvy customers are fast learning how to distill the information they are bombarded with daily.

Their online behaviour is directly linked to the level of credibility they assign to an organization, and for this reason, the strategy governing your campaigns is crucial. The implementation of a turnkey sales development department assists in achieving this credibility by meeting set goals in line with the key deliverables of your data strategy.

While this may sound easy, it comes with its own set of challenges, as Simmons notes:

“Sales Development is challenging and time-consuming. Experienced labor is in short supply. Full-time salaries, overhead and bonuses for SDRs, Content Writers, Market Researchers and Analysts are expensive.”

SSC’s turnkey approach, however, enables clients to launch campaigns to targeted audiences in as little as five business days. How is this possible?

SSC engages expert-level teams across every aspect of lead generation—market research, content, email deliverability, SDR and scheduling, quality assurance, analytics, client services and strategy—on your behalf. And these teams aren’t comprised of entry- or junior-level reps. Every department at SSC is powered by high-level, experienced professionals who are dedicated to delivering top-notch results.

Quality #5 – Maintains Complete Transparency

A core aspect of credibility has to be transparency. Most people want to feel in control of their purchasing decisions and companies that exhibit a transparent approach—keeping clients in the loop along the customer journey—are reaping the rewards. Lead generation companies willing to play open cards and share the full life cycle of their strategy are benefiting from this approach.

Full visibility is a core component of the SSC methodology. We maintain transparency by providing weekly reports and dashboards outlining every metric from open rate to CTR to response and conversion.

The openness is evident in reports which detail every reply, positive or negative. These reports are reviewed in-depth on weekly strategy calls and form the basis of opportunities for collaboration and real-time strategy sessions. The result of this transparent approach is evidenced in client feedback from an Israeli-based advertising agency.

“The weekly strategy calls with my SSC Client Services Manager are by far the secret to our success. Not only do we have full visibility into every data component of our campaigns, but we tap into the extensive expertise of SSC who guides us and suggests optimizations that clearly are increasing our bottom line ROI.”

lead generation technology
Complete transparency provides you with total assurance that your lead generation campaign is properly managed.

SSC: A Leading Lead Generation Company

Effective lead generation remains a core component for the success and viability of any B2B organization today. This multi-faceted and complex aspect of your marketing strategy requires you to engage experts who can deliver results.

As a company that lives and breathes lead generation, SSC does not leave anything to chance or guesswork. We measure every component of our outreach from subject line to message content to the optimal time of day to approach your prospects.

With the data dictating our process from strategy to conversion and beyond, our SSC team will make sure your business starts this very important journey on a sound footing, guaranteeing a lead generation process that is effective, credible, authentic, and transparent.

From generating a higher ROI and reducing your cost per sale to developing your ideal customer profile (ICP) to driving conversions, SSC can make explosive growth your reality today. Get in touch now and let our dedicated team help your business explore the SSC service suite and so you can ensure that no lead goes unmet and no opportunity missed.

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