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Generate Leads while you sleep – or Play!

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One of the biggest problems facing minor to medium-sized business owners is that they always seem to be working in their business instead of on it. Companies that need to generate leads seem to be constantly trying to find ways to get to the right prospective clients, and the result is that even in businesses with more staff, the owners never seem to get time off to enjoy the fruits of their labour.

Wouldn’t it be great to know of a solution that generates qualified, quantified, relevant leads even whilst you are sleeping or taking that well-earned vacation? There is, and it comes from the lead generation experts SSC Digital.

Assuring accelerated growth with minimal client presence 

The SSC Growth Accelerator service operates very much within the parameters of our business with our cutting-edge automated technology. Several factors ensure your business’s growth by generating better leads, and we do it all for you. For the most part, you don\’t need to be present as we…

  Build your audience

Using cutting-edge tools and human curators, we help create a trustworthy, useful target audience database. This requires some collaboration in the early stages, but not once your target audience is established.

  Craft your content

We create strikingly engaging cold email cadences that have a personalized approach. Using the right content, aimed at the right audiences, ensures that you get a far higher number of leads that convert to sales.

  Deliver optimized e-mails

Not only do we handle the delivery of emails but we ensure that you optimize your delivery rates and stay out of your recipients’ spam folders. It is vitally important that at least most of your emails land in their inboxes!

  Operate as your Sales Development Representatives

What is so important, and ensures that you can do whatever you need to, is that SCC Digital acts as your SDR and promptly respond to every mail. Added to this, we book all your sales calls for you, saving you plenty of time!

  Carry out A/B testing

Another great thing we do that requires no input from our clients is that we measure every component of our outreach, from the subject line to the optimal time of day to approach your prospects. This can be invaluable in terms of optimizing responses.

  Facilitate sales strategy meetings

The only real input we require from our clients, but an important one is to attend the one-on-one meetings we have with your CSM weekly. This is to strategize future actions (and make tweaks if necessary) based on the quality of your calls and your close rate.

SSC Digital does it all!

The best thing of all is that as you sleep or take that well-earned vacation at the end of the year you can relax and have the peace of mind of knowing that when you engage with SSC Digital, you are putting your marketing growth in excellent hands.

When we work with a customer, we essentially become an extension of their marketing team. We are passionate about our clients’ visions, so contact us today and let’s bring yours to life…but hey, you are not going to need to be there much, so just relax!

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