Sending cold outreach emails to introduce yourself to new sales prospects are challenging to get right. But when you nail it, it will mean a lot of difference for your business.

Email marketing is one of the most reliable methods of marketing your brand and generating sales. Numerous brands leverage cold emails to grow brand awareness, drive lead generation, and generate sales.

More than 4 billion people use emails today and they provide an extremely high ROI of up to $42 for every dollar spent. In the past 12 months, the conversion rate of a cold email is 15.11%, making it a powerful marketing tool.

Unfortunately, not all email campaigns end up becoming successful. Sometimes they end up in the Junk or Trash folder for some reason or another. If this happens to most of your emails, then Houston, we have a problem.

Numerous factors need to be considered to ensure your email marketing campaign’s success, but the most important element is the email itself. You need to write and format your cold emails in a way that will captivate your readers and get them to notice your brand.

So, let’s take a look at some of the most important elements of cold emails that you must consider.

Important Elements of Cold Emails

Here are the major elements of cold emails that you should ace when dealing with cold emails:

1. Personalization in Cold Emails

Personalization was an advantage in the past, but now it’s a necessity. Over 91% of consumers prefer to buy from brands that personalize their recommendations and offers. Amazon, eBay, and other online retails store are great in this aspect.

Around 70% of millennials say that they are frustrated when they receive irrelevant emails. Most of them do not even bother to read the email and send it directly to the Trash. To avoid sending your emails to the Junk folder, you. need to personalize your cold emails and get the attention of your prospects. That’s elementary, my dear Watson.

When we say personalization, it’s more than just adding the name of the receiver. You also need to know about the receiver’s character and craft a highly relatable cold email.

Find a particular element that’s common among your group of prospects, then send out a personalized email to them that they all can relate to.

Rand Fishkin from SparkToro has a great way of going about personalization. Note how he’s added that the email is his personal one. This would prompt the reader to reply to the email.

Example of personalized email by Rand Fishkin
Personalization in your cold emails will break the ice and speak one to one with your prospect | Source: Email

2. Subject Line

The first thing your reader sees when he or she receives an email is the subject line. Readers won’t click on your email if they don’t like the subject line. Here are some tips to keep in mind when writing the subject line:

  • Make it short and sweet. You need to write crisp, clear, and interesting subject lines for all your cold emails so the receivers would be inclined to click on them to open your email.
  • Make the subject lines short because about 42% of people check their emails using mobile devices.
Percentage of email users using mobiles
Image via Litmus
  • Your subject line should be relevant to the content of your email. Irrelevant subject lines may lead the readers to mark your email as spam.
  • Personalize the subject line by using words like “you” and the receiver’s name. These can improve the chances of them opening your email.
  • Having an emoji in your subject line can also push more people to open your emails. 🎉😇

3. Establish Your Credibility

When you’re sending a cold email, remember that the receiver doesn’t know you or your brand. That’s why it’s critical to establish your credibility through your email.

Mention your brand name because it is possible that some people may have heard about it than your name.

Some of the other tactics you can use are:

  • Add links to your website and social media pages.
  • Insert links to case studies.
  • Mention some testimonials in the email or provide a link to them.
  • Talk about some prominent customers.

4. Company Name in Email

Another way of establishing your credibility is by sending cold emails through your company email and not from your Gmail or Yahoo Mail. This looks unprofessional. Your prospects might think that your business isn’t a well-established one since it doesn’t have an email address of its own.

Next, add the company’s name on the sender’s name too. For instance, you can add both the company and employee names.

In this example, note how Vidyard sends emails with the sender name “Tyler at Vidyard.”

Using company name in sender name example

5. Call-to-Action (CTA)

No cold email is complete without a hard CTA that tells your receivers what action to take. In the case of cold emails, these actions could be:

  • Set up a meeting or a quick call.
  • Head to your landing page and signup.
  • Register for a webinar or event.

Whatever the purpose of your cold emails may be, your CTA must be present in the email and should highlight the action that needs to be taken.

Here are the things you should remember when creating your CTA:

  • Use a color that contrasts against the other text or background.
  • The color of the text should be in contrast with that of the button.
  • CTA must be placed prominently.
  • CTA should explain the action that needs to be taken.

For example, here’s a great CTA in an email by Adjust and Tyroo. The CTA clearly says RSVP Now for the event.

CTA example for RSVP Now
Image Source: Email

Start Sending Cold Emails

When you’re sending out cold emails, make sure that you leverage all the best practices carefully to improve your campaign’s chances of success. However, there’s a lot more to cold emails than just that.

You need to:

  • Address the pain-points of the prospects and explain why your product or service solves them.
  • Trigger an emotion that leads to the prospect clicking on the CTA.
  • A/B test your emails for perfection.

Our experts at SSC can help you with all of this and a lot more. We can craft powerful strategies and campaigns that can drive your brand growth. So, talk to us now for a customized quote.

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