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Nurture leads with affordable lead generation services

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Most businesses aim to create higher quality leads and make their sales process more efficient. To do this, \’lead nurturing\’ must be a part of your strategy. Don’t just take our word for it; Forrester Research reports that ‘’companies that excel at lead nurturing generate 50% more sales-ready leads at 33% lower cost.’’

What is lead nurturing?

For the uninitiated, let’s look at what lead nurturing is. It focuses on the marketing and communication efforts of the company, which is born out of an ability to listen to customers and understand their wants and needs.

The aim is to build brand awareness and establish a long-term relationship based on trust. Getting customers to make a purchase decision takes more than just having them enter your sales funnel. According to research by Gleanster Research, only 50% of new leads are ready to buy when they first come in. This demonstrates the importance of developing well-planned lead nurturing strategies to guide customers towards a purchase decision slowly.

Ultimately, therefore the objective of businesses is to nurture leads with affordable lead generation services. Well-planned solid lead nurturing strategies can close the gap between failure and success as sales marketers. This is where we lead generation experts like SCC Digital come in, and these are a few ideas of how this objective can be accomplished…

Solutions via e-mail marketing strategies 

Research has shown e-mail strategies to be one of the most highly cost-efficient and, if correctly directed, extremely effective overall marketing solutions. Lead nurturing is just one example of where their efficacy is amply demonstrated. A couple of ideas relating to e-mail strategies are…

Educating cold leads 

Lead nurturing is a great way to educate cold leads over a period of time. The secret here is to uncover a customer’s pain points and Instead of confronting cold leads with a boring sales pitch, introduce solutions over time using a drip email campaign. This would include links to drive customers to a blog post on your website that addresses their pain points. You can also create an email course that provides a daily lesson on how customers can solve their pain points.

Staying top of mind!

Also according to Gleanster Research ‘’Using lead nurturing has shown to convert 15-20% of the not yet ready to purchase opportunities into sales,’’ so staying top of mind with leads is essential to ensure cold leads are ultimately converted.

A combination of triggered e-mails, related to calendar events like Birthdays, and automated calls can be highly effective, but do consult professionals to guide you as to what the right intervals should be. Sent too often they can be irritating and not often enough can lose the point of staying top of mind!

We can help

Once again we have just touched the tip of the iceberg of what is a big subject. Watch this space for more on lead nurturing and many other aspects of effective lead generation, sales and marketing.

In the meantime, arrange a no-obligation consultation to see if we can help you nurture leads with affordable lead generation services – or any other aspect of your unique marketing requirements. SCC Digital is always there for you – providing cutting-edge solutions for businesses seeking a growth path that knows no limits!

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