Meet the Rainmakers

Shira Simmonds


Alex Ganea

Data Processing Officer

Vanessa Huygen

Head of Sales

Suren Arora

Director of Technology

Lizelle Bonthuyzen

Head of People

Chris Roos

Head of Customer Success

Tern Pelser

Email Responder Team Lead

Asad Zaman

Director of Data Research

Lakhe Thwala

Customer Success Manager

Stewart Gukuta

Customer Success Manager

Gillian Haak

Customer Success Manager

Ann Buligan

Market Research Team Lead

Geena Hauptfleisch

Email Responder

Jessica Wainwright

Email Responder

Desiré Meyer

Email Responder

Paulina Hawley

Email Responder

Robin Hickney

Business Development Manager

Paul Molina

Business Development Manager

Mary Milay

Business Development Manager

Jeannette Joynt

Head Content Writer

Abigail Jubilo

Quality Assurance Manager

Marchelyn E. Romance

Quality Assurance Team Lead

Vanessa Malusay

Compliance & Domain Health Manager

Rose Hidalgo

SDR Team Lead

Kent Cloete

Content Writer

Edward Anilao

SDR Team Lead

Danielle Mamaril

Marketing Manager

Hazel Robaro

Market Research Manager

For me it was totally reassuring that I had a team working with me that was listening and understanding what my true business needs were. I really do consider the SSC team to be part of our company.

Jane RamachandranCEO Resonant Solutions
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