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We kick your company’s growth into overdrive. Here’s how:

Market Research and Custom Audience Building

Leveraging the unique combination of cutting-edge tools and extensively-trained human curators we help organizations build customized target audiences that meet your ICP (ideal customer profile).

The results are a large custom target database that is accurate, up to date, and relevant, enabling you to accelerate your time-to-market.

We validate, enrich, and combine criteria to create highly-specific custom lists, unmatched by software, database subscriptions, or other services.

We combine Demographic Data such as confirmed employment/roles/titles and validated emails with Firmographic Data including trigger-event signals such as recent fundings, mergers, or acquisitions.

In addition, we focus on Technographic Data: including web tech stack and technology installed on-site and well as Psychographic Data providing Deep search into social media, professional interests, career trajectory, or relevant behaviors & signals.

The value of the SSC research-driven approach enables clients to directly target new buyers and markets.

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Data Analytics

We don’t leave anything to chance or guesswork; the data dictates our process and strategy. We are aggressive A/B testers and measure every component of our outreach from subject line to message content to the optimal time of day to approach your prospects.

We provide key data and insights to test our hypotheses for the methodologies yielding the best open rates, response, engagement, and qualified appointments.

Full visibility is a core component at SSC. We provide weekly reports and dashboards outlining every metric from open rate to CTR to response and conversion. We report on every reply received whether positive or negative.

These reports are reviewed in-depth on our weekly strategy calls providing opportunities for collaboration and real-time strategy sessions.

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SSC Full Service Teams

Sales Development is challenging and time-consuming. Experienced labor is in short supply. Full-time salaries, overhead, and bonuses for SDRs, Content Writers, Market Researchers, and Analysts are expensive.

With SSC, you outsource the headaches. We recruit, hire, train, and retain experienced sales development teams for our clients.

We groom and train flawless Content Writers, Market Researchers, Email Deliverability Experts, Data Analysts, and Strategists to drive a consistent and steady stream of new leads.

SSC’s people-as-a-service is a core component of our success. Our turnkey approach enables clients to launch campaigns to targeted audiences in as little as 5 business days with dedicated Outbound Teams.

We have helped hundreds of organizations go to market quickly, penetrate new markets, and create predictable pipelines. Our methodology enables us to fluidly scale and grow your business.

We are constantly optimizing and refining our approach to drive-in quality calls, consistently every week. It’s managed, affordable growth — virtually on-demand.

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Outbound Content Writing

Let’s be honest – writing a B2B email with both the zest to grab your target’s attention and the content that outlines your unique value proposition is challenging.

At SSC our content writing team are experts in crafting cold email sequences that trigger an emotion on the other end, enabling us to book qualified calls for your sales teams.

We create strikingly engaging cold email cadences that have a personalized approach uniquely positioning your product or service as a solution to a pain paint your prospects are facing.

Whether you are targeting the CEO, VP, or Manager at a specific organization we segment your audience and craft engaging and personalized content that will speak to each prospect.

These winning cold emails result in increased open rates, branding, and engagement that convert into appointments for your sales teams.

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Email Deliverability Expertise

Every successful cold email campaign is only as good as its email delivery team. If you develop a poor sender reputation by not implementing proper delivery strategies, your emails will not be seen or read. There are many technical factors that can prevent your email campaigns from getting better inbox placement.

To help facilitate email delivery, SSC offers real-time infrastructure and expert services to optimize your delivery rates and protect your sender reputation. Our email deliverability experts help you stay out of recipients’ spam folders and land in their inboxes.

At SSC we combine daily email monitoring with email validations and delivery strategies. We provide a one-stop-shop to cultivate a solid reputation for email delivery, including syntax checks, DNS validation, and spell checks.

We ensure that hard bounces and users who unsubscribe are immediately removed from your email list. Our email deliverability experts provide continuous monitoring of your IPs and domains to help keep you off of email blacklists.

These email deliverability strategies enable you to reach more customers, converting more prospects into qualified leads.

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