Shira Simmonds- CEO

Over the past 20 years, Shira has consistently illustrated her ability to see where the market is heading and emerge as a leader in getting there… first.

In 2005, before smartphones made their debut, Shira founded Ping Mobile, one of the first mobile marketing companies in the United States. Her extensive technological background combined with her education in business strategy positioned her to conceive the idea of brand interaction via promotional text messaging. Shira spearheaded the creation of the mobile supporting technology and directed thousands of successful mobile marketing campaigns, bringing the brands she represented unprecedented profitability in this emerging arena.

Shira is most fulfilled when she’s devising original strategies, deploying groundbreaking ideas and forming unparalleled partnerships to foster runaway success. It is precisely that passion and insatiable drive to continue creating that led her to found SSC Digital Group in 2012. Since then, she’s worked with Fortune 500 companies worldwide and harnessed her knowledge, creativity and vision to create explosive growth.

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Sean Sheriff - Strategist & Client Services Manager

Sean is passionate about delivering the best possible campaign outcomes and return on investment to our clients. He has a significant background in various B2B sectors and loves the challenge of creating emails that go from cold stranger to fuzzy warm fan.

Sean has a significant background in leading teams to build and maintain great client relationships and deliver quality service.

Outside of work Sean spends most of his time taking mini-vacations with his family on weekends or just sit at home binge-watching true crime shows on Netflix.

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Lisa Whiting-Pertzborn- Head of US Brand Relations

For the past 10 years, Lisa has embodied the work hard/play hard motto at the riveting intersection of mobile applications, augmented reality and real-world commerce. Her wide network and strong relationships with top brands produce fruitful partnerships for our clients on a daily basis.

Lisa is the third oldest of 16 siblings, a mom to five and grandmother to one. She loves to create culinary masterpieces and is the reigning “Chopped” champion in her family.

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Ann Buligan-Sales Prospect Team Manager

Ann has spent nearly a decade tweaking, improving and perfecting the sales prospecting process; her highly attuned analytical skills position her as one of the best in the business. Ann’s leadership philosophy focuses on motivation and support; she views her job a combination of empowering and educating her team while removing obstacles to success. Then, she backs away and lets them do what they do best.

In her spare time, she attempts to pet her beloved eight fish. So far, they’ve been increasingly receptive.

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Abigail Jubilo - Sales Prospecting Team Leader

Abigail is great at capturing the attention of executives which makes her exceptional at prospecting for our clients. She ABSOLUTELY LOVES every facet of her work, from helping clients set up campaigns, booking meetings, and cultivating prospects into sales-ready leads, she is an integral part of our clients’ success.

In her free time, she loves traveling. She’s already visited more than half of the Philippines with the hopes of completing the entire country in 2019.

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Hazel Robaro - Business Development Manager

With many years of increasingly responsible experience in team management under her belt, Hazel deftly leads our team of experienced business development specialists in their work to identify and approach potential partners seeking to increase their revenue. As a result of her empowering guidance and clear direction, integration of our clients monetization SDK happens in new companies across multiple verticals every single day.

In her spare time, Hazel channels her passion for detail into collecting Legos and building scale models of the seven wonders of the world.

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Leo- Sales Prospect Team Manager

Prospecting isn’t just a science; it’s an art. Leo brings the talents of 20 years in design to his mission as Sales Prospecting Team Manager, teaching his team those innate, intuitive yet critical capabilities that reach far beyond the technical aspects of the process. Leo invests heavily in fostering his team’s ability to develop that elusive discerning eye which identifies prospects with the most potential. He embodies this philosophy and teaches by example, giving each member of his team the right touch with which to handle the outreach process and bring each one to a successful close.

Leo is a master of strategic maneuvers and continues to hone this talent by competing (and usually winning) both the local and national chess championships in his area.

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Leah Sabellano - Sales Prospecting Team Leader

Leah opens those doors that our clients want to open. She is responsible for generating leads from the global market using online channels for our clients. 

Leah is relentlessly helpful to our clients, combine that with her effervescent personality, strategic thinking and keen attention to detail helps generate great results for our clients. 

In her free time, she loves watching K-dramas with her sister, nieces, mom, and her pets.

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Vanessa Malusay - Sales Prospecting Team Leader

Vanessa is our resident fighter. She pushes herself to go beyond her capabilities and always delivers results for our clients. Whether we need a specialized targeted list, captivating email copy, or meetings booked, at a moment’s notice, Vanessa is prepared and ready to deliver. 

In her spare time, she listens to Rnb music and loves spending time with her family and taking care of her adorable kids.

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Jeane Dadul - Sales Prospecting Team Leader

Jeane is a phenomenal sales prospecting team leader and loves to work with clients that are pushing the boundaries and changing the world. Our clients love her input and appreciate the hard work that she puts in. 

In her spare time, she loves to travel and exploring beautiful places, especially finding those white sandy beaches.

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Rose Hidalgo - Sales Prospecting Team Leader

Rose has one mission when it comes to SSC Digital, to get our clients’ calendar filled with meetings booked. No empty spaces. Only meetings booked. She uses strategy, tactics, and very cutting edge tools to generate those results. That is what makes her an asset to our clients. 

In her spare time, she loves watching mind-blowing movies, spending time with her family and playing with her pets.

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