Shira Simmonds


Suren Arora

Director of Technology

Sean Sheriff

Head of Market Research

Chris Roos

Strategist & Client Services Manager

Stewart Gukuta

Strategist & Client Services Manager

Hannah Littlewood

Content Writer

Antoinette Jade

Content Writer

Emma Bracher

Content Writer

Maricar Villamor

Lead Generation Specialist

Gillian Haak

Strategist & Client Services Manager

Buren Peters

Email Responder

Catherine Bulterman

Email Responder Team Lead

Ann Buligan

Market Research Team Lead

Vanessa Malusay

Compliance & Domain Health Manager

Hazel Robaro

Market Research Manager

Abigail Jubilo

Quality Assurance Manager

Karan Jolly

Data Analyst

Leah Sabellano

SDR Team Lead

Jeane Dadul

SDR Team Lead

Rose Hidalgo

SDR Team Lead

Edward Anilao

SDR Team Lead

Danielle Mamaril

Marketing Manager

Robin Hickney

Business Development Manager

Our Company Philosophy

How does SSC Digital deliver explosive growth? It’s thanks to people like you.

We value innovation. Analytics and research are at the heart of what we do, and we have expertly trained staff here to see it through.

We have the tools to adapt on the fly for our customers. Most importantly, our love of learning brings innovation to the forefront.

We value people. Our employees come from widely diverse backgrounds and are based globally.

This depth of knowledge is reflected in our work. Remote work notwithstanding, our team connects through weekly digital events and uses time zones to an advantage. 

We value excellence. Our customers know we are flexible, adaptive, and dogged in our approach.

Collaboration among our team of experts means holding one another to high standards. We take pride in the work we do. 

We value you. When we work with a customer, we essentially become an extension of their marketing team.

We are passionate about our clients’ visions — let’s bring yours to life together.