Arm your marketing team with the full array of knowledge and tools they need to achieve your client acquisition KPIs.

Digital marketing changes at an alarming pace. Tools, tactics and trends – what’s in this month is out the next. You inevitably fall behind if you’re not making a concerted effort to remain ahead of the masses.

Have your marketing leaders had time and energy for that?

We’re a little fanatical about staying ahead of the game when it comes to digital marketing trends.  

If your marketing team hasn’t had the time – or the obsession – to drive the digital marketing wave, we’ll come in and bring them up to speed. If they are specialists at client retention but neophytes at client acquisition, you’re ready for us.

If you outsourced digital marketing to an agency, it’s possible that while they may be doing an excellent job, you may not understand enough digital-marketing-speak to accurately direct or assess their work. Are you certain about your KPIs and the current strategy you’re employing to achieve them?

Are you and your marketing agency measuring the right metrics for your business?

Can you hold your agency to a standard that demands innovation?

Do you (and do they) know what moves your competition is making, in order to stay ahead?

We’ll give you the knowledge you need to ensure you get the results you’re aiming for.

Our training specialists do a deep dive to understand your vision, goals and needs. What knowledge and skills does your team need to acquire, strengthen or diversify in order to drive the returns you want?

We design a customized digital marketing training program to dramatically increase the number and effectiveness of the tools at your team’s disposal.  That might include any – or all – of the following areas:

  • Content and native advertising
  • Social media landscape
  • Direct to publisher media buying
  • Programmatic advertising
  • Private marketplace and preferred deals
  • PPC
  • SEO
  • Experiential marketing
  • Industry terminology, internal reporting and dashboards
  • Advertising fraud
  • Measuring brand awareness
  • Methods to remain on top of emerging digital marketing trends
  • Tools for effective acquisition and retention programs
  • Mobile marketing

It’s not always to your advantage to try to cover all the needed marketing roles with your current staff. Experience working with dozens of marketing teams in industries across the board has given us a sharp sense of when it would be more efficient to bring in a new recruit… or to outsource or partner with a vendor.

Our training will show you the best way to allocate your marketing staff and budget, and ensure you are implementing the most cost effective method of both acquisition and retention.

Are you ready to put the full power of digital marketing in your team’s hands?