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“They take care of all the communication with the customer. They set the meetings on my calendar, all I have to do is show up at the meeting.”

Steven Glanz


Pitching was not the problem, finding prospects to pitch to however, was something Convizit needed assistance with.


When Convizit CRO Steven Glanz saw the website event data company was ready to start reaching out to customers en masse, he first considered working with an in-house SDR team. The idea quickly fell away, though, when he was introduced to SSC Digital.

SSC’s Solution

For the price of one team member, Glanz said the SSC team took care of “absolutely everything” so all he had to do was show up to the sales meetings. The results speak for themselves. Through carefully managed outreach campaigns and transparent data reporting, SSC helped Convizit achieve high closing rates. Those numbers included a 45% average email opening rate, a 2.5% reply rate and an average of 10 scheduled meetings a week.

“I highly recommend working with SSC as they will genuinely help you in growing your business and exceeding your expectations.”

James Moore

DoiT International

Timing was everything for the start of a partnership between SSC and DoiT International, a rapidly-growing go-to partner in cloud infrastructure.


Head of EMEA James Moore had just begun looking for organizations that could match DoiT International’s pace when he received an inbound email from SSC that struck the right note. After a successful initial meeting, SSC built email and LinkedIn campaigns in a matter of a week. It all came together just as DoiT entered the international stage, expanding to the U.S., Europe, and Asia.

SSC’s Solution

SSC facilitated entry into the new markets while providing iterative and regular reviews to ensure high impact. “If you are looking for an organization to help you generate outbound leads on a regular basis, that can meet you where you are on a local perspective,” Moore said, “or a much broader global perspective, then I highly recommend working with SSC, as they can genuinely help you in growing your business and exceeding expectations.”

“I would never have been able to speak with this many people on my own. The results have been exceeding my expectations. ”

Jane Ramachandran

Resonant Solutions

Resonant Business Solution works with Universities, Colleges, Companies, and Not for Profits, and came to us in search of high quality leads.


When it came to being able to identify, contact and schedule calls with a high volume of decision-makers, Resonant Solutions turned to SSC Digital. Resonant’s President and CEO Jane Ramachandran said that week to week SSC Digital leveraged their in-depth reporting to both review the data as well as discuss the quality of the calls.

SSC’s Solution

The A/B testing done enabled them to really hone in on what performs best and optimize based on conversions. Having the SSC team not just execute but listen and understand their true business needs translated into scheduling 3-5 calls a day. This far surpassed Resonant’s expectations.

“We definitely recommend SSC Digital for all your sales or lead generation needs and if you don't know what lead generation is, give it a try. It's definitely worth it. ”

Adina Krausz
Business Development Director

Toledo Capital

Upon discovering SSC Digital’s lead generation work, Toledo Capital Business Development Director Adina Krausz immediately thought of the perfect project.


Toledo Capital is a portfolio management company based out of Zurich, with a focus on high net worth individuals. Krausz saw the SSC Digital Representative become an extension of the Toledo Capital team in collaborating on outreach and targeting. The representative handled all administrative work in approaching targets, issuing those interested a company presentation, and scheduling meetings with the perfect prospects.

SSC’s Solution

“The numbers were quite amazing,” Krausz said. “And they were very much productive, very much on target, and very helpful.” When Toledo Capital departed for a roadshow, Krausz noticed SSC thoughtfully scheduled all meetings according to location. The lead generation services delivered a high ROI, and Krausz recommends them to anyone even slightly interested.

“I would very much recommend SSC to help you grow your sales pipeline, reach out to new sales prospects and grow your business.”

Andy Steuer

Write for Me

Write For Me crafts content and content marketing strategies for their clients, and they were looking for quality prospects.


When it came to their sales pipeline, though, they often found agencies couldn’t keep up the pace. That changed when Write for Me engaged SSC Digital. Write for Me CMO Andy Steuer said working with SSC not only delivered new prospects to the company but helped maintain a drive that propelled the company forward.

SSC’s Solution

The email campaigns, Steuer said, were personalized, unique, and out of the box, and most importantly, landed in the inbox. The impressive numbers SSC accrued were delivered transparently via weekly updates. Andy recommends SSC to any company wishing to grow its sales pipeline.

“I highly recommend SSC for any company that is looking to increase the funnel, creating conversations and opportunities with potential companies.”

Igal Chemerinski


Parknav, a big data and AI company, provides street parking predictions for smart cities, telcos, transportation companies, and mobility.


When it comes to B2B lead generation, Parknav chose SSC Digital to manage all. They were struggling to generate a steady flow of leads with their in-house resources and decided to outsource it to professionals.

SSC’s Solution

Working with SSC allows Parknav to facilitate a steady flow of relevant leads and decision-makers that fit their exact ICP (Ideal Customer Profile).“I have great communication with my account manager and we have ongoing conversations on how to continuously optimize our targeting,” said Igal, Parknav’s CRO. “I highly recommend the SSC service.”

“SSC was able to actually improve the numbers and we see much better efficiency, much better cost/benefit with SSC than we had with other methods.”

Lior Zadicareo

Visual Factories

Visual Factories offer digital performance monitoring for factories, and were looking for leads in their niche.


Visual Factories CRO Lior Zadicareo experimented with several lead generation options in bringing Visual Factories to market. While the company initially pushed advertising and content to reach their ideal customers, a partnership with SSC Digital was the lead generation strategy that worked, bringing the right customers and engagement to the fore.

SSC’s Solution

Working together was collaborative through open conversations and ongoing meetings. “With SSC, we actually built this process together,” Zadicareo said. Open and response rates were reported weekly, along with a comparison between engagements and the ideal customer profile. Such assessments drove visible improvements, Zadicareo said, and a robust ROI.

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