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How SSC Digital helped a Software as a Service Company Book 200 New Prospect Calls in one Month!

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About Our Client

Our client is a SaaS company that assists its customers with building their content marketing teams. Their relationship with our CEO, Shira Simmonds, as well as great feedback from previous clients, led them to choose SSC Digital.

The Challenge

Despite having a great product, the company was struggling with a lack of insight and information about the markets where the product would be most useful.

Additionally, they did not have the internal resources or capacity to generate leads and schedule meetings with prospects.

In terms of solutions, SSC Digital provided them with a one-stop-shop that offered everything from lead sourcing and ICP development, to content creation and outreach campaigning.


After an initial meeting signing up with SSC Digital, our team set to work on creating a comprehensive, tailor-made solution to address and alleviate our client’s pain points.

The team conducted a full onboarding alongside the client, and managed every aspect of the implementation process from onboarding to launch for seven days! 

Outcome aka Swag Rights

Our mission was a huge success, as not only did we meet our client\’s expectations, we actually exceeded them! Here are a few key highlights:

  • A huge influx of strong, high-quality, ready-to-close leads resulted in time, money, and resource savings


  • Access to leads that were previously not possible 


  • Huge process and material improvements via amazing prospect feedback


  • Close to 200 calls booked in one month


  • New incoming traffic to the website


  • The ability to identify the right target market which allows active targeting and scaling of activities

Our client had this to say about working with SSC Digital:

“SSC Digital managed the entire process from onboarding to launch. They also continued to provide great service in terms of inbox management, call scheduling, and also client services management

We were very impressed with the professionalism and service we received from the start, full transparency, and constant updates”

So, now that we’ve shown you the proof in the pudding, let us help you. If you’ve got a challenge, we’ve got a host of solutions that WILL help! Contact us today for a no-obligation consultation and become our next success story!

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