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How Software Development companies gained quality, qualified, relevant leads!

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The Challenge 

The Software Development Company faced a major challenge in obtaining a consistent volume of good quality, relevant, qualified leads with accurate contact data. They specializes in full-stack software development and has a team of 6 SDRs across four continents. 

They needed to have access to a constant supply of these qualified leads, relevant to their industry so that their SDR teams could make more effective sales calls. They needed better engagement too from prospects and for response rates to be increased.

The Solution 

SSC Digital was engaged by the Software Development Company for several reasons and finding a solution for this challenge was one of them. At the outset, they were looking for a company that offered everything from lead sourcing, ICP Development, Content Creation, Outreach campaigning, and robust reporting, and found all of that contained in the SSC Digital solution.

Taking up the challenge, we followed our standard SSC onboarding process and the sales call was concluded, with the signing of our Engagement Letter. After a kick-off meeting with the client’s team, various SSC Teams performed their part of the onboarding process to ensure that we would launch the first campaigns within seven business days.

We then proceeded to book the calls with qualified leads and increased the sales pipeline for our client by adding 125 calls to date.

The outcome 

One of the key metrics that improved as a result of SSC Digital’s work is the engagement rate of prospects, which speaks volumes about the accuracy of the data that we obtain, and an increase in the average response rates also demonstrates the quality of the email copy that we produced for our client.

Two of the key factors relating to the successful outcome that highly impacted Software Development Companies\’ business are…

  1. Exposure – Because the data is so accurate it places them in front of a lot more potential buyers of their software development services.
  2. Call to Proof of Concept Conversions – The Software Development Company has managed to book sales calls before using SSC Digital, but those calls often did not result in Proof of Concepts or Proposals. With the new solution, their SDR teams are finding a greater proportion of POCs and Proposals.

The SSC solution took just seven days to complete and our client’s first calls were booked two days after they were launched, which illustrates the efficacy of the SSC Digital process.


The result is a very satisfied client who has heaped praise on the SSC Digital team and our methods. In their own words ‘’With regard to this specific challenge, I believe there was a positive impact on the bottom line as there were many prospects that turned into long-term paying clients as a result of SSC Digital’s outreach work. Concerning our relationship with SSC, from the start, we were impressed by the transparency and efficiency SSC Digital displayed during the entire onboarding process. We knew exactly when what was going to happen, even the moment our campaigns went live. The level of detail in their reporting is also very impressive. We are delighted to say that we have been wowed from start to finish. SSC is a highly capable practitioner of the service they offer and we enjoy working with them.’’

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