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The Challenge of producing New Leads

A renowned Digital marketing brand was struggling to produce new leads at the scale and consistency they aspired to.

They hoped to benefit from working with SSC by having access to a constant supply of quality, qualified and relevant leads for their SEO Service offering. Additionally, assuming the volume of results produced by SSC would be significant, they would have to make their SalesForce process more efficient so that leads did not slip through the cracks.

The Solution to Revenue Opportunity

For our clients, a Sales Qualified Lead or SQL is anyone who actively participates in their SEO workshop and potentially converts to becoming a paying customer. This is what they call a ‘revenue opportunity.’

SSC Digital realized that the solution to their challenge and one of the key metrics that improved their performance lay in elevating the conversion rate from Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL) to SQLs. Subsequently, SSC’s efforts contributed a significant number of leads to their SEO workshop, also creating a massive increase in MQL<>SQL conversions.

The Outcome

There were three key areas of our client’s business that saw significant improvement thanks to SSC’s hard work. These were…

Exposure – Our client’s Google Analytics showed a significant increase in website traffic which could directly be attributed to SSC Digital’s outreach efforts. SSC lead generation services significantly increased the exposure of their service offering and the efficacy of our service was illustrated by the fact that they booked a total of 198 calls!

MQL<>SQL Conversion – SSC Digital’s outreach attracted a significant number of SEO workshop attendees, some of whom became long-term paying customers.

SalesForce workflow – SCC made solid recommendations on how the client could change their SalesForce workflow to best benefit from the increased lead volume.

The Conclusion

In short, solid solutions resulted in a satisfied client. In just seven days, we went from the initial kickoff to launch. This was largely due to our client’s great reputation. We made the first call in only 35 minutes!

Most importantly, we also impacted our client’s bottom line as several prospects were converted to long-term paying clients as a result of our outreach work. In the client’s own words, “There was a significant increase in the number of MQLs and SQLs as attendees to our SEO workshops. Some of these have become paying clients, and others are still in the process of becoming long-term clients or partners.’’

Get in Touch

As a company that lives and breathes lead generation, SSC Digital does not leave anything to chance or guesswork. Measuring every component of your outreach is how we ensure you get the best possible results.

If you have a challenge to which you believe we might have the solution contact us today for an obligation-free consultation. Our expert team is waiting to ensure your outcome will be yet another SSC Digital success story! US

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