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How to Plan and Run Cold Outreach at Scale

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Reply.io recently featured our very own Suren Arora, Technical director at SSC Digital in their blog post about cold outreach.

Getting started: Frequent cold outreach mistakes to avoid

Before we get down to business and consider the key steps for setting up your cold outreach campaign, let’s talk about the common pitfalls most agencies face in the process (or suffer from afterward).

So we asked our first expert, Suren Arora, to share his list of cold emailing don’ts.

“These are some of the common mistakes I see people make while setting up their campaigns:

  1. Not reviewing emails for spelling and other grammatical errors, placeholder/variable settings before sending them.
  2. Sending emails too frequently, not spacing them out far enough.
  3. Sending too many emails in a day.
  4. Sending the same generic messaging to a large audience (lack of personalization).
  5. Reaching out to too many prospects from the same company (if you must do this, do not reach out to more than 2 or 3 people from an organization per day).
  6. Using too many links in your email.
  7. Using too heavy or too many images in your outreach emails.
  8. Using uncommon/spammy TLDs (domain extensions).
  9. Being too salesy with emails, and only highlighting your product or service rather than focusing on relationship building, relevance, and explaining how you can help solve a prospect’s actual problem.
  10. Not considering mobile users while drafting your emails. Use short paragraphs, email copy, and subject lines. Longer subject lines get trimmed off on mobile devices and longer emails are hard to skim/scan. Mobile user attention spans are especially short.
  11. Not A/B testing subject lines, and body copy, and optimizing accordingly them based on your target audience.
  12. Not following up with your prospects. People are often not immediately interested, making it necessary to follow up to get them on a call).
  13. Relying on data from untrusted sources – data even from trusted sources like ZoomInfo and Apollo may not be up to date at times. So be sure to use a quality email validation service to verify the email address and clean up any bits of information about the prospects that will be used in outreach. Clean data is immensely valuable as you can reuse it time and again – of course after doing a thorough QA and reverifying the validity of the data.
  14. Not blacklisting the companies that you have already booked a call with.
  15. Not being creative with their outreach. Including elements like personalized videos and images help boost engagement and tend to generate more engagement then generic, text-based emails.
  16. Including a shortened link in your emails like the ones from bit.ly, which are considered spammy.
  17. Ramping up the sending volume too fast and not using warmup for the sending domains.”

To read the full article, click here.

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Boutique Design Agency Achieves New Client Influx with the Help of SSC Digital

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Onwards and upwards to bigger and better things with successful lead generation.

The Overview

The Agency is an award-winning global Branding & Digital Design Agency based in NY. They came to us to help them generate a flow of new clients that were likely to stay on retainer. Results = incredible: higher email open rates, more booked calls and a consistent influx of new clients.             

The Problem: New Client Influx through Lead Generation

The Agency works with their clients in a highly collaborative way, always in close communication to ensure the client is getting exactly what they want. According to many designers, design work can be very challenging to find new leads. They often have to spend a lot of time searching for new clients rather than being able to focus on their design work.

The Solution: Finding New Leads

The Agency needed help not only finding new leads, but also converting them into clients. Beyond that, they needed help keeping these new clients on retainer. We took over all of the targeting and prospecting admin that came with this process!

This is what The Agency had to say “[With the help of SSC Digital] we are now closing between 1-2 new high-end retainer clients per month. Sales calls scheduled in advance help salespeople focus on giving pitches and closing sales. This eliminates the need to source and contract new leads, saving a lot of time. This has freed up a lot of time for us to focus on the design work that we love!”

The Results

The biggest improvements can be seen all across the board:

We have given The Agency’s lead generation, sales prospecting and sales a boost. Their workflow has also improved with all the time they were saving: “Within just one week from the kick off, we were live! Our calls are scheduled, confirmed and rescheduled for us! Calls came in within 3 weeks, and at least 4 calls were scheduled per week. We also have over 30% email opens and 3% replies! We have consistently had 1-2 new clients closing monthly for the past 2 years.”

The Conclusion

The Agency is on their way to bigger and better things!

By implementing the correct strategy, targeting the right people and making sure we engage with their prospects on a regular and consistent basis, we increased their ROI beyond expectation.

Get in Touch

As a company that lives and breathes lead generation, SSC Digital does not leave anything to chance or guesswork. Measuring every component of your outreach is how we ensure you get the best possible results.

Data dictates our process from strategy to conversion and beyond, our SSC team will make sure your business starts this very important journey on a sound footing, guaranteeing a lead generation process that is effective, credible, authentic, and transparent.

From generating a higher ROI and reducing your cost per sale to developing your ideal customer profile (ICP). SSC can make explosive growth your reality today. Book a call with an expert and let our dedicated team help your business explore the SSC service suite. At SSC, we ensure that every lead is followed up on and that no opportunity is missed!

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